Color Birthday Candle SparklersColor Birthday Candle Sparklers

1 Sleeve (5 Sparklers) Full Box (40 Sparklers)
Price: $4.99 Price: $34.99

1/2 Case (120 Sparklers) Full Case (240 Sparklers)
Price: $84.99 Price: $149.99

About Our Color Birthday Candle Sparklers

Our color birthday candle sparklers are a wonderful way to make your birthday cake as memorable as possible with multiple colored flames to make the guest of honor feel as special as possible. We are the only retailer in the United States to offer these fun color birthday cake sparklers to enhance your celebration with all the colors of the rainbow. The birthday boy or girl is sure to be filled with delight when presented with their cake filled with these color birthday candle sparklers!

Because our color birthday candle sparklers are 100% food safe, you can use as many as you want without any fear of damaging your birthday cake. These sparkler candles are also a very fun way to give guests celebrating birthdays at restaurants a little more excitement with their dessert.  Your birthday party guests will love the fun and excitement these “bring to the table”, and you will get some unforgettable pictures as well. Our color birthday candle sparklers are designed to be used with birthday cakes, and are 100% food safe.

How Many Should I Get?
The amount of birthday candle sparklers you will need depends on how you are going to use them for your celebration. Some people use these to replace the other candles all together, so they get one for each year old the birthday boy or girl is. If you are just going to accent the birthday cake, you can get away with 1-5 sparklers and still draw plenty of attention. Others have used one sparkler in each piece of cake served, so this would require 1 birthday candle sparkler for each guest in attendance. Each birthday candle sparkler lasts approximately 40-45 seconds.

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