Heart Shaped Sparklers

Heart Shaped Sparklers

6 Sleeves

(36 Sparklers)


Full Case

(216 Sparklers)


About Our Heart Shaped Sparklers

These lovely heart shaped sparklers are a perfect addition to any birthday party, and are especially popular with girls and young ladies. The fun shape of our heart shaped sparklers make them an interesting alternative to traditional "stick" type sparklers, lending a romantic and elegant touch to any sweet sixteen or other birthday party celebration.

Looking nearly as lovely unlit as they do when they are sparkling, these heart shaped sparklers also offer some creative choices that you won't find in any other sparkler. You have the option to either light the sparklers at one spot to create a continuous line of sparkle effects, or you can light them at the bottom intersection to create 2 lines of sparklers that meet at the top. This versatility makes heart shaped sparklers a much-sought-after addition to any birthday party or celebration.

Our heart shaped sparklers burn for approximately 1 1/2 minutes each, depending on which method you use to light and enjoy your sparklers. Because our heart shaped sparklers feature a steel wire core, they are smokeless and can be used indoors.