LED Items

These exciting LED items are always a great way to bring more fun to any birthday party or celebration. Many of our LED items are simply new versions of old classics that integrate the fun and color of LED lights to bring your birthday party to the next level. Our LED items include LED Birthday Party Balloons, LED Party Lanterns, and much more.

LED Birthday Party BalloonsLED Birthday Party Balloons

LED Birthday Party Balloons are a colorful way to bring more action to your next birthday party or celebration. Available in a wide variety of colors, these LED balloons offer a choice of 4 different lighting modes for ultimate entertainment.

5 Pack (5 LED Balloons)
Price: $6.99

White LED Party LanternsWhite LED Party Lanterns

Anyone looking for a fun way to light up their outdoor birthday party will not be disappointed with our white LED party lanterns! These elegant white LED party lanterns are the perfect way to add light to any birthday party taking place outdoors.

Single (1 Lantern) 1 Sleeve (6 Lanterns)
Price: $4.99 Price: $29.99

1/2 Case (18 Lanterns) Full Case (36 Lanterns)
Price: $79.99 Price: $149.99

Color LED Party LanternsColor LED Party Lanterns

If you are looking for a more colorful way to light up an outdoor birthday party, these are the ticket for you! Each multi-colored package is made from quality materials to ensure a colorful experience for any birthday party or outdoor celebration.

1 Sleeve (6 Lanterns) 1/2 Case (18 Lanterns)
Price: $49.99 Price: $79.99

Full Case (36 Lanterns)
Price: $149.99