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Our 20 inch birthday sparklers are the perfect mix of duration and price; which makes them our best selling item! They are sure to keep your guests thoroughly entertained at birthday parties and other events. Lasting over 1 ½ minutes, they are the best value for your money.

  • Most popular size we sell.
  • Gold sparks for a great visual experience.
  • Each one lasts over 1 ½ minutes.
  • “Smokeless” thanks to its steel wire handle.
  • Best duration/price value of all sparklers for birthdays.
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When it comes to maximizing your party budget, you need to make good choices. One of the least expensive ways to make a huge impact is our 20 inch birthday sparklers! Instead of putting a sparkler on a cake like most people, these are better suited for party favors and fun. No matter what age the birthday star happens to be, they are a classic item that is always welcomed.

Best of all, their 20 inch length has many benefits compared to other size; which is why they are the most popular item we sell in this style! They are extremely affordable, yet they last up to 2 minutes each. When you are putting together a party on a budget, those savings can add up quickly. Because these feature a steel wire core, they are smokeless and can be used indoors.

Why Choose 36 Inch Sparklers for Your Birthday?

For some people, size is everything. For others, they want to find the best value. When you choose the 20 inch version, you end up getting the perfect mix of both. However, there are certain situations where they tend to be a cut above the rest. Here are some key indicators that they are the right fit for your celebration.

Why is the 20” Length So Ideal?

Depending on how you want to use them, sometimes it’s bad for sparklers to last too long. If you really think it’s important to hold one for almost 5 minutes, try our 36 inch sparklers and enjoy. However, these are half the price and last for more than enough time to enjoy yourself. Trust me; you’ll never feel cheated for buying these over something longer.

Best Uses for 20 Inch Birthday Sparklers

There are certain scenarios and activities when the 20 inch length is particularly helpful. Here are some of the most popular ways that they’re used at birthdays and other celebrations.

 Photo Props

If you plan to use your items as a prop in a photo, these are by far the best size. They are easy to handle, and they are short enough to keep under control. Additionally, they last plenty of time to take several photos. When you weigh out all the key points, 20 inch sparklers for birthdays are the perfect fit.

Table Decorations and Party Favors

Some people prefer to use these for table decorations such as centerpieces or artistic displays. Additionally, they can be placed on tables as party favors for guests to enjoy as they see fit. Whether you want to create an elaborate centerpiece design or simply give people something fun to use, our products are a great option.

Surprise Party Stunt or Group Activity

Surprise parties have been popular for decades, but it’s getting tougher to fake people out. Unfortunately, people let the secret slip on popular social media platforms and it’s all ruined. Instead, you can use sparklers as your tool of choice to make the surprise one for the record books! It can be tricky to coordinate the whole thing. However, if you pull it off, it will be one of your favorite memories in the world.

Can I Use Them on a Cake?

Occasionally, people decide to throw caution to the wind and use traditional sparklers on their cake. To be frank: I can only suggest using actual birthday cake sparklers to decorate your confections. However, if you are going with a “stick” style, the 20 inch version is probably the best choice. Since they have a longer handle, they will keep the performance further away from your cake. Don’t go any longer, though; 20 inches is already pushing it.

How Many of Them Do I Need to Buy?

Since they last between 1 ½ – 2 minutes each, you really only “need” one per guest. However, I suggest getting 2-3 for guest because it makes the activity into a full-fledged event. You can easily get fifteen minutes or more of fun for only a buck per person.

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1 Sleeve (8 Sparklers), Full Box (48 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (144 Sparklers), Full Case (288 Sparklers)

2 reviews for 20 Inch Birthday Sparklers

  1. Stacie W.

    Perfect size for the 12 year old guests. Kept them busy for enough time to cleanup the food mess. Fast shipping too.

  2. Tim Robbins

    Great quality sparklers.

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