Animal Toy Candle HoldersIf you’re planning a birthday party on a budget, it can be tough finding all the little decretive touches without breaking your bank. Let’s face it; buying decorations from your local party store can quickly add up to be very expensive, so finding alternatives can mean the difference between a bland party and one that your guests will never forget. Fortunately, there are tons of great birthday decorations that you can make yourself on a budget that don’t require special skills or materials to pull off. You can save a lot of money by making some of the birthday decorations yourself along with creative uses of common household items. Below, you will find a collection of some of my favorite birthday decorations that you can make on a budget but won’t look like you tried to go cheap.

Fork Placeholders

When you’re decorating for a birthday party, it really is the little things that make the biggest difference. One simple idea is to cut out little shapes from cardstock or construction paper such as butterflies or hearts. You can then write each guest’s name on the shape an slip it into the tines of a fork to create lovely placeholders for only a few pennies.

Water Balloons for Ice

If you are having your birthday party in the summer and want to serve up some ice cold bottled water, most people would just bring out a bucket and fill it with ice. However, if you want a more colorful touch, you can fill the bucket with various colored water balloons that you’ve frozen in advance. The frozen balloons will look very nice, plus they will keep your water bottles ice cold for many, many hours; even on the hottest days.

Tissue Paper Garland

Creating your own garland out of tissue paper is a fun way to add some variety and color to your birthday party. Simply grab a few stacks of tissue paper, cut out some shapes like flowers or stars, and use scotch tape to fasten them to a long piece of fishing line. The results will be best if you use multiple colors of tissue paper and stagger them in a pattern, and you may want to recruit some helpers to get the job done quicker.

Decorative Cups

Many people who craft are already familiar with washi tape, but for those who aren’t it is essentially scotch tape with decorations or patterns already printed on the roll. This makes it an ideal choice for all craft projects, but especially birthday party decorations. Simply buy some inexpensive clear plastic cups, wrap a section of washi tape around each one, and you instantly have a very decorative plastic cup for serving punch that only cost you a few pennies to decorate.

Animal Toy Candle Holders

You can really jazz up the look of a birthday cake by making a few candle holders out of animal toys. You can usually pick up a bag of plastic animal toys at the dollar store such as squirrels, dogs, or other various shapes and they make a great foundation for your birthday candles. Simple spray paint the animal toy, insert a cheap plastic candle holder into their back, and you’re ready to dress up the birthday candles with everyone’s favorite animals.