Birthday Cake Sparklers


Birthday cake sparklers are one of the hottest new items for your party or celebration. Nothing adds more excitement to ordinary cakes like these wonderful beauties!

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Birthday cake sparklers are one of the hottest new items for your birthday party or other celebration. Nothing adds more fun and excitement to an ordinary cake like these wonderful sparklers! A great accent to traditional candles, they are a really great way to make your cake presentation while singing “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor.

Our birthday cake sparklers are sure to make an unforgettable impression on all of your guests, and are also 100% safe to use with food. This means that your guests’ enjoyment won’t come at the expense of your tasty confection. They are also gaining great popularity for use at restaurants with many of them choosing to use them to showcase their famous desserts or draw attention to birthday parties. Plus, you will get some of your favorite photos while the special boy or girl is presented with their cake brimming with the sparkling delight that birthday cake sparklers offer. These are designed to be used with birthday cakes, and are 100% food safe.

How Many Birthday Cake Sparklers Should I Get?

These have a variety of uses, so the quantity you need will be dependent on how you wish to use them. If you are accenting a cake that will have traditional sparklers on it, you can usually get away with between 1 and 4 of them. However, some people choose to put one on each piece of cake, so for this purpose you would need 1 for each guest in attendance. Each birthday cake sparkler lasts approximately 40-45 seconds.

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3 Sleeves (12 Sparklers), Full Box (40 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (120 Sparklers), Full Case (240 Sparklers)


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