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Birthday cake sparklers are by far the most popular option for this type of event. By adding a few to your cake, you can easily create a cool display that your party guests will love. Because they don’t produce any smoke, they can be used inside if space permits. They are a great decoration to present while the young ones are using their birthday sparklers outside.

  • Designed specifically to be used on cakes.
  • Smoke-free performance means you can use them indoors.
  • Creates a large shower of sparks in the color gold.
  • One of the easiest and most spectacular decorations for a birthday.
  • Long-lasting; the show typically lasts 50-55 seconds.
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Our birthday cake sparklers are by far the “hottest” decoration you can have at your party! Instead of wasting time with decorative frosting or finding figurines to put on the cake, just add a few of these and you’re ready to go. Normally, people will use sparkler candles instead of traditional ones. However, these are designed to be used in addition to your ordinary candles! As you carry the cake to the guest of honor, light some of these for a dramatic effect. Once completed, you can light your regular birthday candles and sing like normal. The built-in spike is made from food-grade plastic, so you can safely put them on your cake.

*The wrapper color and design may vary based on availability.

Benefits of Using Cake Sparklers at a Birthday

There are several reasons why using these as a decoration at your event is beneficial. The concept of putting sparklers on a cake is not new, but the design of this product is much better than traditional types of sparklers. Below, I’ll explain some of the many advantages to this design versus the others.

  • Efficient design that lasts for around 50-55 seconds.
  • Safe to use indoors because of the smokeless design.
  • 100% safe to use with food.
  • Creates an unforgettable presentation to the guest of honor.
  • Makes decorating easy compared to frosting or fondant.
  • Create one-of-a-kind photos to cherish forever.
  • Won’t discolor or damage your cake in any way.

How to Use Birthday Cake Sparklers

Since they are so different from other version, lighting cake sparklers works a little different. Mainly, the difference is that you need to ignite the entire top surface of the tube rather than a small tip. One suggestion I have is to use a proper sparkler torch because they make the job very easy. Beyond your choice of lighter, here are the other steps to enjoying your sparklers for birthday cakes.

  1. Having ample space is vital; especially if you’re using them indoors. Double check that you have room above and around the cake before you proceed.
  2. Decorate the top surface with your cake sparklers by sticking them in like you would a candle. Make sure they are spaced at least a few inches apart and are completely upright. Angled tubes can create a safety risk.
  3. Determine where you want to start the lighting process. Then, stand at a safe distance and begin applying a flame to the top of the first tube. Once it’s lit, move onto the next sparkler. Take care not to put your face or other body parts over the tubes while they’re being lit.
  4. Move back to a safe distance and enjoy your creation. I like to watch the faces on the other guests who were caught off-guard.
  5. After the performance has concluded, carefully remove each tube and immerse them in a bucket or sink filled with water. Then, put your ordinary birthday candles on the cake and sing your songs. After the candles are blown out, the used sparklers are safe to be discarded in the trash bin.

How Many of Them Do I Need to Buy?

These have a variety of uses, so the quantity you need will be dependent on how you wish to use them. If you are accenting a cake that will have traditional sparklers on it, you can usually get away with between 1 and 4 of them. However, some people choose to put one on each piece of cake or on individual cupcakes. For this purpose, you would need 1 for each guest in attendance. Our birthday cake sparklers last approximately 50-55 seconds each.

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3 Sleeves (15 Sparklers), Full Box (40 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (120 Sparklers), Full Case (250 Sparklers)

14 reviews for Birthday Cake Sparklers

  1. Marie Thomas

    My kids loved these. Much cooler than regular candles.

  2. Ron Simmons

    WAY better than birthday candles. Super cool effects. Highly recommended!!

  3. Tony

    Didn’t know what to expect, but I’m impressed. Sister was very surprised.

  4. Sally F.

    Much larger than they look on the website, and you can just see the quality. Very happy.

  5. Joanne

    Coolest candles I’ve ever used. Wish I found them before!

  6. Cathy W.

    Showed up in my mailbox in only 3 days. Very fast shipping and everything was exactly as I expected.

  7. Kyle Dube

    So much cooler in real life1 I was excited when I ordered, but the pictures and videos just don’t capture the real craziness that these are. Awesome product!

  8. Candice M.

    The little spike does a great job holding them in place and none of the frosting was damaged during the show. That makes it 5 stars for me.

  9. Cam

    When I stumbled upon these, I chuckled at first. Then I bought them. I will never use anything else on a birthday cake ever again.

  10. Lindi P.

    Best prices anywhere on the internet.

  11. Clarice

    Fastest shipping. Even faster than Amazon or Walmart to my Wyoming address.

  12. Gregory Finster

    These made my wife bust into tears after a long hard year of battling health problems. Such a great item.

  13. Lucy M.

    Easy to light and really make the cake look amazing. I bought a cheap cake from the grocery store and everyone talked about how well I had “decorated” it.

  14. Derrick

    Lighting quick shipping and a very high quality design.

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