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Birthday candle sparklers are a great way to make your celebration one to remember! Creating gold colored sparks, they are smokeless and can be used indoors. Always a big crowd pleaser, they are a great alternative to ordinary candles. Pair them with a few other birthday sparklers and watch the fun unfold.

  • Designed to replace traditional birthday candles.
  • Typically last for 50-55 seconds.
  • Smokeless design for safe indoor use.
  • Creates gold colored sparks.
  • More dazzling than regular candles.
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Birthday candle sparklers are a great way to make your upcoming celebration sparkle! Always an instant hit at any party, they are a great alternative to regular candles. Additionally, they can be used to accent the cake while still using traditional candles. Nothing makes the birthday boy or girl smile bigger than the attention these fun and exciting sparkler candles bring to their special day. These are designed to be used with birthday cakes, and are 100% food safe.

*The wrapper color and design may vary based on availability.

Why Choose Candle Sparklers Over Regular Candles?

With so many different types of candles out there, swapping them out for sparklers can seem a little strange. However, there are some advantages they offer over ordinary designs. Here are some of their great features.

Won’t Damage Your Cake

These unique sparkler candles are 100% safe for use with food. So, you won’t need to be worried about spoiling the deliciousness of the cake when the sparkling fun is over. Birthday candle sparklers are also a staple in many restaurants when they want to draw attention to a celebration or highlight a special dessert. Your guests will love the fun and excitement these “bring to the table”, and you will get some unforgettable pictures as well.

Key Benefits of Choosing Sparkler Candles

  • Use them whenever you would use regular birthday candles.
  • Extended performance time of 50-55 seconds.
  • Safe for indoor use because they are considered “smokeless”.
  • Gold colored sparks for an attention-grabbing display.
  • Makes traditional candles look like a thing of the past.

How to Use Birthday Candle Sparklers

Using these on your big dessert is as easy as lighting birthday candles! I always recommend using a sparkler torch lighter, but any lighter will work; even matches if you’re in a pinch. Here are the steps to having a safe and magical experience.

  1. Make sure the birthday cake is in an open area away from overhead obstructions.
  2. Place the sparkler candles on the cake by inserting the spike through the frosting. Always make sure they are pointed straight up and never at an angle.
  3. Standing at a safe distance, light the tip of each sparkler until the performance begins. Never put your face over them during the lighting process.
  4. Sit back, and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to sing “happy birthday”!
  5. Once the show is over, toss the spent tubes into a sink full of water. After a few minutes, they are safe to throw in the trash.

How Many of Them do I Need to Buy?

The amount you will need depends on how you are going to use them for your celebration. Some people use these to replace the other candles all together. So, they need one for each year old the person is. If you are just going to accent the birthday cake, you can get away with 1-4 and still draw plenty of attention. Others have used one on each piece of cake served or used them on cupcakes. This would require one sparkler candle for each guest in attendance. Each gold birthday candle sparkler lasts approximately 50-55 seconds.

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Package Size

3 Sleeves (15 Sparklers), Full Box (40 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (120 Sparklers), Full Case (250 Sparklers)

9 reviews for Birthday Candle Sparklers

  1. James Walser

    Fast shipping, great product.

  2. Timothy J.

    Certainly exceeded my expectations, these sparklers make HUGE sparks! Great prices and I got free shipping.

  3. Chris Jensen

    There’s nothing more magical than giving your children this type of experience! I simply couldn’t be happier.

  4. Craig

    Best prices on the internet, and I like the website. Good products.

  5. Todd

    Arrived in 3 days, exactly what I ordered. I like it when a company is reliable.

  6. Debbie W.

    Wow these are cool!!! I’ll be ordering more for my wedding next winter.

  7. Jason C.

    Exactly what I wanted. Great sparklers and they last for almost a minute. I won’t buy from anywhere else.

  8. Carly

    Box arrived with a big dent in the side. I was pretty angry at first. Called up the company and they sent me a new shipment within 5 minutes of talking to them. Great customer service and the next shipment was perfect. 4 stars because it didn’t arrive perfect in the first place.

    • Birthday Sparklers

      Thank you Carly for your understanding. It’s horrible when packages get damaged during the shipping process, but we do what it takes to get a new shipment sent out in it’s place. Glad we could make it right. Hope it’s a great party!

  9. Vince Fremont

    Cool product.

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