• Cake Sparkler Torches

    Our cake sparkler torches are the quickest and easiest way to light your sparklers or other items. The angled head provides the perfect access, and the high temperature flame lights the tips instantly.
    • High temperature flame produces around 1430° of precise flame.
    • Can be refilled with easy to find butane for a long life.
    • Angled head is perfect for lighting cake sparklers.
    *Butane is NOT included and must be purchased separately. Torch color will vary and is selected at random.
  • Birthday Cake Sparklers

    Birthday cake sparklers are by far the most popular option for this type of event. By adding a few to your cake, you can easily create a cool display that your party guests will love. Because they don’t produce any smoke, they can be used inside if space permits. They are a great decoration to present while the young ones are using their birthday sparklers outside.
    • Designed specifically to be used on cakes.
    • Smoke-free performance means you can use them indoors.
    • Creates a large shower of sparks in the color gold.
    • One of the easiest and most spectacular decorations for a birthday.
    • Long-lasting; the show typically lasts 50-55 seconds.
  • Birthday Candle Sparklers

    Birthday candle sparklers are a great way to make your celebration one to remember! Creating gold colored sparks, they are smokeless and can be used indoors. Always a big crowd pleaser, they are a great alternative to ordinary candles. Pair them with a few other birthday sparklers and watch the fun unfold.
    • Designed to replace traditional birthday candles.
    • Typically last for 50-55 seconds.
    • Smokeless design for safe indoor use.
    • Creates gold colored sparks.
    • More dazzling than regular candles.
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