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    Our number birthday candle sparklers are a really great way to show off the age of the special boy or girl at their next birthday party! Available in numbers from 0-9 or complete sets.
  • These lovely heart shaped birthday sparklers are a perfect addition to any celebration! They are especially popular with girls and young ladies. The fun shape of hearts make these an interesting alternative to traditional “stick” type sparklers for birthdays.
  • 36 Inch Birthday Sparklers

    Our 36 inch birthday sparklers are by far our longest lasting and most spectacular effect-creating item. The sparks these produce are very large and very bright. With a performance duration of over 3 1/2 minutes, you only need one per guest. An excellent party favor for birthdays and other celebrations!
    • Largest version available on the market.
    • Produces gold sparklers during the performance.
    • Each one lasts over 3 1/2 minutes.
    • "Smokeless" design featuring a steel wire handle.
    • Only need 1 per guest attending your party.
  • 20 Inch Birthday Sparklers

    Our 20 inch birthday sparklers are the perfect mix of duration and price; which makes them our best selling item! They are sure to keep your guests thoroughly entertained at birthday parties and other events. Lasting over 1 ½ minutes, they are the best value for your money.
    • Most popular size we sell.
    • Gold sparks for a great visual experience.
    • Each one lasts over 1 ½ minutes.
    • “Smokeless” thanks to its steel wire handle.
    • Best duration/price value of all sparklers for birthdays.
  • 10 inch birthday sparklers make a great addition to any birthday party, anniversary, or other type of celebration. Your guests will love the fun that these gold sparklers bring to the party.
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