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Our cake sparkler torches are the quickest and easiest way to light your sparklers or other items. The angled head provides the perfect access, and the high temperature flame lights the tips instantly.

  • High temperature flame produces around 1430° of precise flame.
  • Can be refilled with easy to find butane for a long life.
  • Angled head is perfect for lighting cake sparklers.

*Butane is NOT included and must be purchased separately. Torch color will vary and is selected at random.

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Lighting sparklers of any kind can be a challenge with ordinary lighters. Fortunately, these cake sparkler torches are designed specifically for the job to make your life easier. Whether you have a whole cake full of sparkler candles or you just light one at a time, this torch will exceed your expectations. They have several key features that make them the best performer, and it’s important to understand them all.

Key Features of a Cake Sparkler Torch

There are several intuitive design features that make these lighters the ideal choice for the job. Additionally, there are several important performance factors that will amaze you. Here are the most important ones in detail.

Angled Jet Head

Probably the most user-focused feature is the angled head for the flame jet. If you used a regular BIC lighter, you’d have to turn it sideways; which can lead to singed fingers! With our cake sparkler torches, the angled head allows you to comfortably light the tips with a natural feel.

Comfort Grip

Another creature-comfort for users is the ergonomic design of the hand grip. Designed for comfort, these lighters fit perfectly in your hand for effortless use. While comfort may not be your primary concern it is still something you’ll appreciate once it’s in your hand.

Precision High Temperature Flame

To light sparklers quickly, you need a flame that reaches the maximum temperature for butane fuel. Additionally, you want that flame to be very precise for better control and safety. Our torch lighters tackle both of those requirements, and they look great doing it. Don’t waste your time with inferior lighters, get the one that does it right.

Refillable and Reusable

Conveniently, these beauties are reusable for many years to come. Since you can refill them with commonly found butane canisters, you can easily recharge them multiple times. The igniter should last for thousands of cycles, so you won’t be shopping for a replacement anytime soon.

Versatility – Works for Several Applications

Of course, most people don’t light enough of our products to justify having cake sparkler torches lying around. However, these powerhouses can be used for a variety of tasks around the house. Use them to light candles, stoves, incense, or even your barbecue grill. And you are limited to just cake varieties; they work great on any type of birthday sparklers. Anywhere you would normally use a lighter; these will outperform what you’ve used in the past.

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Single (1 Torch), 5 Pack (5 Torches)

3 reviews for Cake Sparkler Torches

  1. Gina T.

    Perfect angle for lighting your sparklers. Just be careful of the flame!

  2. Freddie

    Very powerful lighter that lights the sparklers instantly.

  3. Sarah

    Simply a must-have. Regular lighters won’t cut it with this type of job.

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