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LED foam batons are one of the best novelty items for birthdays and celebrations. They feature multiple lighting modes for a customizable experience. The soft foam design ensures safe play time for kids, but they are fun for adults as well! You’ll find all sorts of uses for them well after the birthday party is over.

  • Made of soft foam for kid safety.
  • Adds energy to and creates a “party” atmosphere.
  • Features 3 different lighting modes and multi-colored LEDs.
  • Batteries are built-in; just switch it on and go!
  • A fun and inexpensive party favor for your birthday guests.
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When it comes to birthday parties, having plenty to do for the kids is the key to success. Sadly, no matter how many board games you have or activities you plan, there’s never enough to do. Even if you decorate the cake with sparklers, those kids will still want more. That’s where our LED foam batons come in because they provide hours of excitement for a minimal investment! With so many uses, they are sure to be a hit at birthdays or celebrations of all types.

Benefits of Choosing LED Foam Batons for Birthday Party Favors

With so many items on the market geared towards parties, choosing foam sticks with LEDs inside may not seem too intriguing. However, they are one of the least expensive ways to inject energy into your celebration! Here are some key features that make them an ideal choice for your upcoming event.

  • Ready to add excitement to any party; right out of the package.
  • Designed with kids in mind and made with a soft foam shell.
  • The batteries are included and built-in for easy use.
  • Choose between 3 variable lighting modes to customize your color LED experience.
  • Reusable, inexpensive, and loved by every single age group.

How to Use LED Foam Batons at a Birthday

Once you’ve decided to include them in your celebration, you need to choose some fun activities to do with them. Unlike decorations such as wood roses, you actually have to have a plan in place for this product. Here are some easy ways to use them to alleviate the kids’ energy.

Party Favors

The easiest way to use them is to just hand them out as party favors. No need to over-complicate things; kids or adults can both figure out exactly what they want to do with them. Best of all, they’ll be able to take them home and use them at future events!

Have a Dance Party

Another fun way to use our LED foam batons for birthdays is to create a dance party. I prefer to do it outside right after the sunset, but you can do it in your basement, too. The main key is that you create a low-light environment so the LEDs are easy to see. Other than that, the little ones will know exactly how to get crazy and jump around!

Sword Fights

Lastly, you can have “sanctioned” sword fights in your backyard using these foam sticks. Obviously, you need to take certain precautions and have confidence that your children are old enough. Personally, I always require that the kids wear protective eye-wear to eliminate any safety concerns. Otherwise, they are essentially harmless. Just make sure to use good judgment and supervise the kids. If you have any doubts, you should just skip this idea.

How Many Do I Need to Buy?

This is one of the best aspects of these light-up foam sticks. Since they are reusable, you only need one per guest! Of course, since you have two hands, you could order two for each person. However, there is plenty of fun to be had with just one. Personally, I think one is plenty.

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  1. Kaci L.

    Much safer than swords or glow sticks, but they create a really fun experience for the kids anyways! I thought about getting sparklers, but I went with these instead. My kids love their foam sticks and they have been using them for over a week.

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