A “Sweet 16” party is one of the most important birthdays in young girl’s life. Traditionally, it is the birthday that the parents give the largest and most grand gift that they will ever receive. Commonly, this gift is something very extraordinary such as a car, vacation, or other lavish and expensive token of love. However, not everything you need to do to make their sweet 16 is extremely pricey! One of those things is as simple as having sparklers for a sweet 16, and people seem to love it. Some people even have a costume party to make it like a fairy tale. Here’s some more information about how they improve your party experience.

How Did it Start?

Image of a Sweet 16 TiaraThe origins of the “Sweet 16” celebration dates back to the 17th century. Originally created in England, young girls were presented to the royal court for their very first time as women. Additionally, they were offered as possible brides for the powerful men of the time. Another potential origin for the tradition is debutante balls in the English tradition. These marked the transition of girl into a woman and a productive member of society. The ball was also a time to celebrate the young ladies accomplishments up to that point, and show their excitement and gratitude for her joining into community service.

Most Popular Sweet-Sixteen Sparklers

By far the most popular choice for a Sweet 16 party is heart shaped sparklers. Designed to be elegant and charming, these lovely little sparklers are shaped like hearts; perfect for a young woman’s celebration. Also, heart shaped sparklers are also a symbol of growing up and becoming a woman, throwing out childish things and preparing to enter the world in search of a partner.

Use Them on the Cake

Many people also choose to have a birthday cake at their Sweet 16 party; after all, it is a birthday! One way to make the guest of honor feel extra special is to add some birthday cake sparklers to the regular candles or replace them all together. Nothing creates more excitement and jubilation than fountains of sparks pouring out of the top of the birthday cake; especially as it is presented to the young lady being celebrated.

No matter how you choose to add sparklers to your Sweet 16 celebration, they will certainly be the most affordable part of the party; and will probably be one of everyone’s favorites too. You can add more excitement and fun per dollar using birthday sparklers than anything else you could possibly think of.