When you are a kid, one of the most important days of the year is your birthday. All of your friends will be coming over to your birthday party and everyone will be getting you a gift. However, it is important to make sure the party is fun for everyone who comes; especially the birthday person. While there are many different types of themes that are appropriate for a kid’s birthday party, having a costume party can make for some really great memories. Though only you can know what genre will work best for you, here are some pointers about throwing a birthday costume party that all of the kids will love.


Instead of the classic types of decorations you find at an ordinary birthday party, it is a better idea to incorporate different costume elements into the decorations at a costume party. Try to put masks and feather boas around the party space as much as possible to really embrace the concept of the costumes. Depending on what theme you are going for, you can usually come up with some pretty interesting things to use as decorations.

Themed Costumes

Superhero Costume PartyMake sure that everyone is on the same page before they go out shopping for costumes. Instead of letting everyone do whatever they choose like at Halloween, try to lay down some ground rules so that everyone has a common purpose. For instance, you could ask everyone to wear their favorite superhero costume or choose a certain movie and have everyone dress like one of the characters. Having your guests wear similarly themed costumes is a great way to bring a birthday party to the next level.


Since you are having a costume party, it goes without saying that there should be a costume contest. Try to make the contest seem as grand as possible by announcing each “contestant” and having them do a walk in front of the rest of the guests. It is also a good idea to talk with each of the kids ahead of time to make sure you know what costume they are wearing and how they want it described. The last thing you want to do is hurt someone’s feeling unintentionally.

Food and Drink

Try to match your food and drink to the theme of your costumes as best as you can. For instance, if the kids are all dressing up like superheroes, try to find Jell-O molds that are in the shape of some of the most popular ones. Also, you can give cool sounding names to regular foods like “turtle tacos” or “panda pizza” and the kids are going to love it. To make your punch, juice, or soda stand out at the party, try adding some food coloring to regular ice cubes to make them a little cooler looking. When you’re throwing a costume birthday party, the little details can go a long way to making big fun for the kids.