Heart shaped sparklers can be an amazing addition to any girls birthday party. Hearts are on of the most classic, cute, and charming designs available to appeal to young ladies of all ages. Below, you will find a video displaying what your heart shaped sparklers will look like while they are burning.

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What Does This Show?

As you can see from the video above, heart shaped birthday sparklers can add the fun and excitement that every girl wants at her birthday party. However, sometimes some context is helpful as well. After all, we don’t purchase this type of item that often! Here is a breakdown of this video to help you see the finer points.

Breakdown of the Performance

The video shows that our heart sparklers perform differently than other versions you’ve seen before. Instead of just burning in a straight line, these create two distinct paths of sparkle for an amazing effect. Setting yourself apart is an easy way to make your event more memorable! Though they only last around 1 1/2 minutes each, it’s almost the same as doing two at once. That makes them an excellent value for the money – AND a great addition to your birthday party! No matter what you’re celebrating, hearts can bring a smile to all of your guests’ faces.

Does This Video of Heart Shaped Sparklers Demonstrate Consistency?

Obviously, this video only depicts a single sparkler. However, we only needed to light one to get this video! Each sparkler is triple-dipped to ensure an even and consistent performance. Sadly, there is no reliable way to predict a performance duration accurately down to the second. However, you can reliably expect that they will all perform approximately the same way as you see in this video. We pride ourselves on offering superior birthday sparklers and novelties, and we stand behind our products.